Wed 24 October 2012

What's this Social Media thing about anyway?

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Using social media to expand your contact with like minded people and those interested in your work.

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Social media is a very important tool when it comes to promoting your work and the work of others. This not only applies to writers, and artists, but to anyone that is trying to let the world know they exist. This month I am going to touch base on the three most common social media outlets of Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Though there are many more outlets, such as the Amazon author page, for now I will just focus on these three which offer a world of interesting social engagement.

Twitter: Even those that do not use Twitter, understand that it's for chat. Twitter is a micro-blogging utility. People 'tweet' short messages about anything and everything, and can even add links to websites. Pretty much every major event in the world gets 'tweeted' about. I use Twitter to let people know where I am up to with my writing, and to see what other writers are doing. People love to tell their success stories. I read these searching for tips and pointers on how I too can become a top selling author. A check on my Twitter profile,, will reveal that I follow a lot of authors, a few business analysts, a bunch of publishing companies, and a sprinkling of others. Many of my followers are also authors, and we love to promote each other's writings. I have met some wonderful people on Twitter, and highly recommend this form of social media. It is a great way to get the word out to a lot of people. Be mindful though, in Twitter-land your messages can easily get lost in the crowd.

Facebook: I am sure the whole world knows about Facebook, need I say anymore? When I have an exciting piece of news about my work, I add it to my Facebook page. My friends will often share my 'post' with their friends. When getting the word out about a new book, there is no better way to tell a vast number of people. I love to display a picture showing the cover of the book with a link to either my website or to where it can be purchased. Friends get almost as excited as I do, perhaps even more, and share on their Facebook so that their friends can see. One of these days I will spend the time to set up an author Facebook page, but for now I use my own personal one.

Pinterest: A relatively new method of sharing discoveries. As twitter is to words, Pinterest is to pictures. I have very few boards, one of which is dedicated purely to the Terran Chronicles Universe. The virtual pin board allows people to share photos, and other great images, such as book covers. If the book cover is exciting enough it may begin to get re-pinned onto other peoples boards.

As a final note, anyone wishing to be 'discovered', whether they be an artist, musician, writer, etc, get used to using every social media outlet you can. Many of us strive to get noticed, and the only way to do that is to make a little noise. Just do so with tact, spamming is not what it's about. Get the message out, promote others, and they will promote you. Have fun with social media, it's work, but it can be a blast as well.

Next month's blog will focus on websites, who creates them, and why they are another important tool in your marketing arsenal?

Take it easy mates.
James Jackson