• What Lies Beyond Our Frontiers
    Where life begins so does the exploration and discovery of new worlds and civilizations What Lies Beyond Our Frontiers


The Second Science Fiction eBook in the Terran Chronicles Sci-Fi Series

"When we think of space and discovery together we are often drawn to thinking of new found technologies and wonders. What if the term applied to our being discovered instead?"

The Gamin have left Earth, and in doing so have raised many questions. Clearly we are not alone in the universe, nor is it peaceful as their damaged ships revealed. The discovery of a massive construction dock in the Australian Outback surprises all. The near complete spaceship within it is a baffling mystery to many, a technological marvel to others. A consortium of countries pool their resources as they do what they can to finish the spacecraft. Will the Terran, as we name the ship, be able to lift off? If so, will we be able to journey to the stars?


George, totally exhausted from the long days, is sleeping when Cindy comes knocking on their door. Reluctantly, Lisa wakes him up. "Cindy says she needs to speak with you." Lisa's hands are on her hips, disapprovingly.

Wiping sleep from his eyes he walks with Lisa to the lounge room, they find Cindy waiting patiently. "Just getting a nap. What's going on?"

He says, stifling a yawn. Johnny comes out of his room and stands next to his dad, looking up at him, he also wants to see what this is all about.

Cindy glances at Lisa, then Johnny, before she begins."Well, I had assumed you would be coming with us when we launched. But today I find out that you are not planning on coming at all."

George ruffles Johnny's hair, then smiling at his wife replies politely. "I have done all I can. There is no need for me to go with you when you launch. Olaf can operate the body suit, it was his originally anyway."

"But, don't you want to come with us?" Cindy can't believe that after all his efforts he does not want to go.

"I have neglected my family for long enough, it's time they received my attention." George turns and gives Lisa a warming smile.

"But what if we need your expertise?" Cindy is almost pleading now.

"Ohh, I am no expert. Besides, once the test is a success, everything will to be ready to go." He is quite resolute.

Lisa, with a frown on her brow, looks steadfastly at Cindy as she speaks up. "Won't this be a one way trip? I mean, even if the ship does take off, it can't land again? Right?"

It suddenly dawns on Cindy that Lisa is scared her husband won't be coming back. With an inward groan she realizes that this could very well be a suicide mission.