Sat 04 August 2018

The Last Blog and what's new with Terran Chronicles

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Moving into the future - Terran Chronicles is coming to Youtube - Channel Expansion

terran chronicles universe blog Over that last few years written blogs have been replaced by video blogs as the preferred means for sharing thoughts and ideas. As a person who is quite camera shy, I have resisted the trend of these video blogs. Well, resistance is futile, and thus, I am writing this one last blog. The blog to end all blogs, as it were!

Who knows what the future holds though, perhaps we will add pen to paper once again, but for now, this is it. So, with little ado, I shall begin.


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Wed 14 March 2018

TeamTerran is busy

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Three new books in the making

terran chronicles universe blog This year promises to be a crazy year for us. As the new year rolled past, we set a few expectations, and made plans to turn these into reality. Writing is a fluid thing, and seems to have a mind of its own as creativity ebbs and flows.

We have organized this year's writing projects into a list.


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Mon 30 October 2017

Writer Workshops - Mount Pleasant High School

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Four Writer Workshops in one day - Supporing our Next Gen Writers

terran chronicles universe blog In March of this year I was invited to speak at the Michigan Reading Associations 61st annual event. It was at this event where I met Andy Schoenborn, a teacher of literacy at Mount Pleasant High School.

We immediately clicked, and are now great friends. Many of his ideals on life are similar to mine, as is his passion for writing and reading, in particular, science fiction.

Andy did not wait long to ask if I would be willing to attend his classes, to see what his students are doing, and to perhaps, inspire them. I was honored, and naturally, I said yes!


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Sun 24 September 2017

Terran Chronicles - Where does the time go?

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Sept 2017 already - So much to do

terran chronicles universe blog I can’t believe it’s been six months since the last blog!  What used to be monthly event, became quarterly due to our hectic schedule. But now, it has been far too long! Well, #TeamTerran plans to address this issue, and return to regular blog posts. At the very least we are planning one for each quarter, with more in-between if something special arises.

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Tue 04 April 2017

March Madness for the Terran Chronicles Universe

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Speaker at the MRA, met great people and released a 6th novel

terran chronicles universe blog March is a crazy busy month for us at #TeamTerran.

First of all, we released the fifth book of the series, 'Voknor Diaries', along with its companion short story, 'Sharz Affect'. To top this off we released the 'Initiation Series' compilation, which includes the five main novels, five short stories, and two journals. At around 600,000 words, this is a massive eBook. This book released at an absurdly low price, for the event, and though the month of April, will be incrementally raised until it reaches its final price point.

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Wed 18 January 2017

Planning Ahead and Embracing Change

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 Terran Chronicles Universe Update - Looking ahead to 2017

terran chronicles universe blog I hope you all had a great Christmas, and have started 2017 safe and sound.

2016 has been a fantastic year for #TeamTerran. The year saw many of our plans fall into place, along with the commencement of new ideas; some rather long term ideas.

Here is the summary of the many projects that have been ongoing throughout 2016!

The 'Print Book' project was completed in 2015, thus giving us all of 2016 to review the success of those efforts. A complete year of statistics is important to us, and showcases the ups and downs of sales trends. The print books continue to do well locally, with a few selling here and there via Amazon. All in all, this has been an excellent experience, and one which has taught all of us at #TeamTerran many valuable lessons.

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Tue 29 March 2016

‘What Lies Beyond’ - Turning 50

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Half a century of living and following my dreams

terran chronicles universe blog I was born on December 31st, 1965, thus at the end of last year, I turned 50!.

I do not feel 50, but then what is it supposed to feel like? I am fairly fit and healthy, to which I have to credit genetics, as I exercise rarely. I also eat all sorts of junk food, but then what writer does not eat junk food? My nemesis is chocolate, and cookies, along with soft drinks.

On the fitness side of things, I am able to run down the beach, or walk for miles, with the only issue being my knees which creak and groan. They, like many of my joints, are becoming painful as time wears on. The price to pay for adding another year to my life's history I suppose.

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Tue 08 December 2015

Terran Chronicles 2015 Recap and 2016 Plans

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How was 2015 and where is Terran Chronicles going in 2016

terran chronicles universe blog 2015 has been an amazing year for the Terran Chronicles Universe. Team Terran has been busy.

The fourth book of the series, 'Alliance', along with its companion story 'End of Times', were released.

The first four books of the series are now available in print, via Amazon and CreateSpace. The short stories have been bundled with the main novels as bonus material. The only works not in print are the two journals. They will not go into print until the third Journal, 'Golward's Findings', is written. The current plan is to bundle these three stories in one book. This third Journal is slated to be released soon after book seven, so it will be a while. Even the title for book seven is a closely guarded secret at this time.


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Tue 10 November 2015

Read, Rate, and Review

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Author Feedback and the importance of Reviews

terran chronicles universe blog Reviews are an integral, and often important, part of most people's purchasing decisions. In the past, we would ask friends and family for their opinions on various things. These days, with the explosion of the internet phenomenon, we are able to get the thoughts and opinions of more people, sometimes a lot more people.

Massive companies spend vast amounts of time, effort, and energy, in capturing these reviews, so as to inform their customers that not only do they think their products they are selling are great, so do thousands of others. Amazon is one of these companies, and their eBook Kindle program is world leading.

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Wed 14 October 2015

The World Did Not End

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Making a Positive from a Negative

terran chronicles universe blog Well here we are; it's October 2015 and the world did not end last month as so many people had predicted.

The same can be said for indie authors, artists, musicians, and others who are deemed to be non-professionals in their hobbies or work. When a person posts a bad review of their work, the stars will still shine in the night sky, and the sun will still rise the next day. This also applies to work that is released, and then after the fact, mistakes are noticed or brought to their attention. The world will not end!


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Mon 21 September 2015

A Day at the Races

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Demolition Derby Day

terran chronicles universe blog Demolition derbies are a blast to watch. Cars of all shapes and sizes race around a confined track, mashing into each other. Each driver attempts to keep their car running, so that they can cross the finish line first. Many cars get swept to one side, and end up stuck in protective mounds of dirt. Yet others find themselves hit so hard, that one part or another fails, rendering their vehicles 'out of the race'.

This year I paid special attention to one particular vehicle. Half Fast Racing's car number seven. Jeff and Austin own, operate, and drive this thing that barely resembles a vehicle anymore, around these tricky, and sometimes dangerous tracks.

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Mon 03 August 2015

Alliance release - Are you ready?

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Terran Chronicles - Initiation Series

terran chronicles universe blog For this month's blog, I shall indulge myself, and talk about the Terran Chronicles Universe.

The fourth book of the Terran Chronicles Universe releases on August 5th. This is a global release, such is the power available at the hands of the meekest of authors. The eBook version of this story will be available on Amazon, iTunes, and Smashwords on this day. Nook, Kobo, and Flipkart, will follow shortly thereafter.

Alliance took more than two years to write, and is my most ambitious effort to date. Many of the questions raised in the earlier books are answered, while new ones are raised. A new race is tentatively introduced, with but the barest of hints as to their origins, and even less is revealed about their current whereabouts.

What follows is a brief overview of what has transpired, and of what is yet to come.

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Wed 08 July 2015

Writing Genre - What’s yours?

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Authors and what they write

terran chronicles universe blog There are numerous categories in the literary world, seemingly an almost endless list. Starting off with the basics, all works are designated as either non-fiction or fiction. We assign a suitable age range to the work, and then from there, the options continue.

Fact based books range from historical and scientific journals, to autobiographies, and cover a wide range of topics.

Fiction is broken down into many subcategories. Some of these include; Adventure, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction, and Thrillers. Romance is the most popular, with Mysteries/Thrillers and Nonfiction coming in close together at second and third. Science Fiction and Fantasy are next, followed by Children's books and Literary Fiction who are also close in sales.

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Mon 01 June 2015

Embedded Marketing - Product Placement - Get Results with the Right Company Part II

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You need the right team behind you and that should include John Fluke

terran chronicles universe blog "Product placement is the subtle, or sometimes not so subtle, inclusion of merchandise in a movie, photograph, or even in a book."

 In February of this year I touched on JoDee Randall's company, Show Style Brands, and how she has successfully placed products in many television shows. I also mentioned her extensive list of contacts, and many friends.  John Fluke, the CEO of Placed4success, is one of these people.

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Wed 29 April 2015

'Religious Freedom Restoration Act' - What were they thinking?

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Let us return to a unified country

terran chronicles universe blogFirstly, I do not in any way intend to offend anyone, however, this blog deals with a volatile and touchy subject.

Secondly, I wish to state that the views expressed in this blog, are my own.

Finally, I am, and always have been, an advocate of equality for all, no matter the person's race, gender, religion, or any other measure which separates one human being from another.

Those who are reading my Terran Chronicles Universe series will begin to notice that I have incorporated my own personal message into my work, one of unity.

With all that being said, I shall begin.

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