Wed 28 November 2012

Websites. Why have one and who creates it?

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It takes more than you think and that's before you start thinking about a website

terran chronicles universe blogAs for why have a website at all? Well to me, it's important for readers to have somewhere to go where they can glean more information. The website allows me to add elements to the series that are extraneous to any one story. It becomes a collation of data where people can quickly glance at various races and spacecraft that are mentioned throughout the series.

Who creates your website? As a writer who still works full time, I ran into a number of issues when it came down to creating my own website. Finding the time was one issue, not having the right software was another, but more importantly it came down to skill. I simply do not have the skills necessary to create a world class website.

Rather than expound on the merits of web design and development, how about we hand this blog over to the gifted web designer, Jason of

Take it easy mates.
James Jackson

DO IT YOURSELF WEBSITES – Think you can? What do you need for success?

What is the one thing that will bring you Website success? Jason Williams explains...

Let's knock this on the head straight away. The one thing you need for a successful website, or anything else for that matter, is to set yourself specific goals.

That's because human nature tends to have a natural stubborn tendency to stick to the goals and get them done.

Don't keep it in your head, write each goal down. It's important to keep your mind clear of clutter and manage your tasks elsewhere. It also makes each task much more real and if you're a self-published author like James Jackson , you'll have enough on your mind as does James working on his next novel in the Terran Chronicles Saga.

Completing each goal doesn't mean it stops there. Set another one as soon as you complete one. Yes... don't forget to write it down.

There is nothing like seeing progress and you'll be able to look back and be pleased with what you've accomplished; or if you're struggling, you'll see you're not that far away from achieving your goals and be able to motivate yourself to try a little harder.

What should your initial focus be? Your Website or business?

When planning a website, sit down and work out a series of goals for your business, not the website. Why? The website is a means to an end, not the other way round. The website remains the tool by which you will achieve some or all of your business goals depending on the nature of your business.

Set a timeframe to complete each goal and make sure you take into account that you also have a business to run or a novel to write. Realistically fit the work within your normal day of activities so you are able to dedicate time to it.

The stubbornness built in to human nature will come in handy once you start working on the website, especially (and importantly) if you are going to do it yourself. You need discipline and be able to manage your time well so it doesn't take six months to complete.

Planning Time in. Is it really needed?

Everyone is different and doing it yourself means you'll have a learning curve to take care of before you start on your website. Try setting aside a specific day or a few days in the week to do your research plus set a time to start and finish each day. It could be an hour on a specific day as an example.

When the day comes to start creating your website, it's content and finding the images, you'll have a realistic idea of what is involved and how long it will potentially take to complete.

Don't forget, every good plan changes so don't be afraid of adjusting your initial tasks. You're not going to know everything and as you learn, you'll be adding more tasks to your goals for the website.

Remember stubbornness plays its part so the more realistic your make it, the better the chance of not overdo it or finding yourself falling behind and becoming de-motivated.

How can I create a website and how technical do I have to be?

Creating a website today can be completed in many ways, some of which are nearly fully automated. There are online website builders, template solutions as well as fully functional Content Management Systems (CMS) which can be installed with a single click of a button from your Hosting Company.

Just add your text and images and you'll have a website but the big question is... will your website be found in Search Engines?

The simple answer is, not likely unless you type in your website address or business name.

That might sound okay on the surface but the revenue you want from people finding your website resides with phrases people type into search engines to find what you sell.

So, what has been missed? It's the key element to all website design, Search Engine Optimization. Most Do-It-Yourself solutions do not take account of it and if they do, our experience with clients who have moved away from it is it isn't effective because it relies on the you to do it correctly.

Do-It-Yourself website design will ultimate keep your initial setup costs down but fundamentally you will not see a return from your website be it monetary or increased visibility online.

Okay, honestly, what else is there to a Website?

Let's cut to the chase, you need self-motivation and a strong desire to make the move online. Coupled with your positivity is your trusted partner in Website Design and Search Engine Marketing.

Your website partner will take care of the technical elements (and more) to ensure you have the best chance of recouping your website investment and importantly, present your business in a way that gives the right first impression to visitors.

Search Engine Rankings are one of the most important factors and everything you write in a website article or blog post will be visited, analyzed and ranked by a search engine.

Working with James Jackson on the Terran Chronicles website became an interesting challenge once we researched self-published Sci-Fi authors and ebooks but that is another blog post I'm sure.

James had a secret weapon when creating the Terran Chronicles website, Jason Williams from Joint Plan. James had specific ideas, Jason and the team added to them, we brainstormed in numerous Skype sessions and came up with a plan on what the Terran Chronicles website should represent.

The benefits of using a Website Designer should not be underestimated. A good designer will:

  1. Reduce your workload
  2. Do all the research and present you with options to consider
  3. Produce the website faster and to a better quality standard
  4. Manage and maintain the website

This and much more means you can focus on your business. In James' case it meant his time was focused more on his writing and was able to publish 4 novels in 12 months from the time the first novel was published. Amazing!

Visit Joint Plan today for a free no obligation conversation to help you with your first steps to a successful online future.

A Do-It-Yourself tip: Don't write blind on your website.

If you already have a website or a blog and don't know what to write next to attract attention to your business, use Google Tools to research what people are searching for in your line of business.

You will need a free Google Account and access to Google Adwords (which is free as long as you don't start to advertise). You'll have a learning curve in terms of using the Keyword Tool and interpreting what the numbers mean but you will see what people are searching for based on the keywords you put into the tool.

Use what Google shows you to refine what you should write about and add a blog post with keywords you find in the tool (don't stuff to many in there as that's a bad thing). Use the most appropriate keyword as part of the heading and you're on your way.

Add an offer to the article, a form on the page for the visitor to make contact (or buy) and you're heading in the right direction for success.

Better still, have your Website Designer take care of the research and even write the article for you.