Mon 16 December 2013

To KDP Select, or not to KDP Select, that is the question?

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Amazon Prime - The benefits of KDP Select for Authors.

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Amazon owns Kindle, along with a most successful eBook publishing and sales platform called Kindle Direct Publishing. KDP reaches around the world, and thanks to the ease with which authors can self publish, the selection of eBooks available is astounding.

Within the KDP platform. there are a number of initiatives designed to attract, and keep, authors and readers alike. A challenging decision for authors, is the 'Select Program'. This program enables Amazon account holders who are 'Prime' members to obtain 'Select' eBooks as part of their yearly fee. To a 'Prime' member 'Select' eBooks have no additional cost.

To authors, the 'Select' program has two critical points I feel are worth mentioning.

The first, is that the 'Select' program requires exclusivity. Which means, eBooks that are in the program cannot be available elsewhere.

The second issue is pricing. Instead of receiving a set price for your work, the 'Select' program has a fixed budget. This budget is divided amongst the total number of downloads, in order to come up with a price per eBook. This is what authors receive.

Within the KDP Select program. there are other initiatives which are geared towards encouraging downloads. One of these is the ability to choose a block of days during which the eBook is free to all, and not just Prime members. Another, is a feature whereby an eBook's price can be set to increase over a few days. For example, an eBook could be set at 99c, 24 hours later it would increase to $1.99, 24 hours after that, it will climb again to $2.99.

As for my own personal experience, I am about to find out. Last year, in November, I released my second novel in the Terran Chronicles Saga. I released this eBook across all platforms, and did very little in terms of marketing. Subsequently, it sold very few copies. By the time January rolled around, the book was no longer a new release, nor did it even rank in any category. Because of last year's lack luster release figures, I am going to try the KDP Select program this year.

I ask that folks with other platforms be patient. 'Colony' will be available from the libraries as were the earlier books in the series, just a little later on. This experiment with KDP Select program is one I feel I must try.

A definition of insanity, is to repeat the same task over and over, and yet expect different results. Thus, I feel that it would be crazy of me not try a different approach to this year's release.

Here is my Author page on Amazon.


Take it easy mates.

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