Fri 04 January 2013

The Craft of Writing

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Writing is a Craft worth exploring - Why not give it a go?

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Writing is not as easy as it first appears, books are filled with pages, themselves filled with words. Each of these words can involve a painstaking process of deliberation. Not everyone that plans to write a book or a series of books succeeds. The hidden difficulties are often enough to stop a potential author from completing their task.

The enormous investment of time is something that I am learning to appreciate. To date the Terran Chronicles Universe has taken many thousands of hours, years in fact. Each book is a mammoth undertaking, one that I embrace. I have read with disappointment of writers that have become disenchanted with their own franchise.

These writers forget that even though they may only have a small fan base, they do have one. These fans are people that have invested time and effort onto the book(s) written thus far. If these books are part of a series, then they do expect it to continue, and not leave them in the dark.

I feel that one of the reasons writers give up is their own unrealistic expectations. Every writer wants to be a 'Best Seller', but the harsh reality is that very few end up in that elusive club. Failing to meet one's own goals, no matter how fanciful, is a sure fire way to become demotivated.

If a writer begins to feel demoralized then they should spend MORE time writing. The only way to improve is to do! That goes for writers as much as anyone else. Few authors are discovered by the masses, most eke out their days selling a few copies of their books here and there. To enhance the chances of being noticed, authors need to write more than more book, sometimes a lot more.

As if a single book were challenging enough, planning a series is a daunting prospect. Each book should stand alone, yet build on the previous works. On top of this there are the multiple plots to factor in, some may span many books. One element that I enjoy about the Terran Chronicles series, is the plots and storylines that begin in one book then span two or more books until an answer is revealed. Sub plots can keep readers wanting more, almost as much as the desire to see the main plot reveal itself. It's not only about the 'cliffhanger' at the end of each novel, there should be numerous smaller stories taking place.

If only I would be brave enough to share the time line database that belongs to the Terran Chronicles Universe. Maybe one day, but not today! There are main stories, short stories, and multiple story lines that weave their way throughout the series. This 'busy' aspect is an element that I enjoy when writing, and so far readers have said they enjoy the 'so much is going on' concept as well. I will share that the time line of subplots alone took over six months getting drafted! This was before a single word even went into book one, First Contact.

One day I plan to sit back and gaze upon the completed works that make up the Terran Chronicles Universe. When that day finally arrives I expect to feel a twinge of sadness, along with a sense of satisfaction. But that is bold talk, there are many years of labor ahead before that day is upon me. With that being said, time spent here is time not spent writing the series.

Take it easy mates.

James Jackson