Fri 19 April 2013

Taking a Break - Is it writers block or not?

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A suddenly epiphany and I discovered my problem.

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Living in northern Michigan affords me a great opportunity to write during the cold snowy months. This last winter I could have written thousands upon thousands of words, but I did not. My word count went from around a thousand per day to mere hundreds. I had expected to convert my summer motor bike riding time into some serious writing time. So what happened?


Have I been experiencing the dreaded writers block? I actually thought about this for quite a while, perhaps too long. I still wake up many nights with ideas rolling around my head, and then have to get up and jot them down, therefore I would have to say no. I still have so much more to get down, the words threaten to explode out of my head.

So what has killed my word count? Have I lost inspiration, ambition or drive? Well I also spent quite a bit of time considering this. But I am still very passionate and excited about my series, thus I have to conclude that this is not the case either.

Alright, so what is the problem? With the first days of spring arriving, and along with it another blast of snow I am beginning to understand my problem. My new seat has arrived for my motor-bike, and with it weather reports of yet more snow, rain, and otherwise sub zero temperatures. Thus I can’t get my bike out and ride just yet.

Suddenly in an epiphany I discovered my problem! I have heard about this condition but never really experienced it till now. I simply have a case of the winter blues. Yes folks a very basic problem with an easy solution. All I have to do is wait for the sun to shine, get back outside and enjoy some warmth and fresh air as I ride down the Michigan roadways.

Just thinking about the up and coming riding season is providing me with renewed energy. I can feel the revitalization process kicking in even as I type these words. I am making plans to attend a number of events in our area, such as the Blessing of the Bikes’ in Baldwin, and Father Fred’s Traverse City charity ride.

It seems ironic that my most prolific writing is done during summer, when I spend the least amount of time at home. Well this month will see me at home for a couple of weeks vacation. I plan to get my wife’s bike and my own all ready for the next season, plus make a huge dent into ‘Colony’. The rough draft for book three even now stares at me, trying to make me feel guilty.

Take it easy mates.

James Jackson