Sun 12 May 2013

How do you fix a broken ebook writing routine?

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No quiet time and my thoughts are everywhere.  Where do you start?

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As far as writing goes I found myself falling into a pretty basic routine. I would get home from my day job, you know, the one that pays the bills, then cook a little something to eat. After relaxing in front of the TV, where I would usually watch an episode of one sci-fi show or another, and be mentally ready. This has been working for me for over two years now?


Ahh a single man you say, not at all, I am married to a wonderful woman. She normally works evenings, while I work days. This schedule allowed me to have the house to myself, along with our two dogs and four cats. My next step was a two to six hour stint in front of the computer. This time was either spent writing, reviewing, researching or editing any one of a number of stories associated with the Terran Chronicles Universe.

Recently though this routine has been disrupted. My wife had surgery on her ankle, and now stays at home. Though this is great in that I have her company, I have lost my established 'quiet time'. You know, with all the animals it was more like, let a dog out, let a cat in, let a cat out, let the dog back in, that quiet time! Just this week we had a nasty scare. Her ankle became inflamed and very painful. She went from being mobile to being unable to walk. As a woman who has had that dreaded MRSA in the past, she was very scared. Two days later and a another day trip to her surgeon and all is good.


Another wrinkle in our home life has been the sad loss of our German Sheppard/Great Dane cross. Magnum was only five years old, and a happy go lucky dog who was easily pleased. He slipped a disc in his back somehow and was in a bad way. He was suffering no pain, just virtually no control or feeling in his hind end. Even with surgery his prognosis was not good, thus while I was at work my healing wife had to deal with this as well.

My wife is being a great trooper and is trying to give me time in the evenings. The problem is she likes to watch a movie, or some other show that I would enjoy. Thus I join her on the couch, and though I am happy, I am quite aware of the dwindling word count.

The solution for me is an elegant and simple one. I now get up earlier in the morning, while everyone one else is sleeping. Everyone being my wife, and the pets of course. For me this transition is slowly working, slowly being the operative word.

I have no idea how others manage to squeeze in writing time, especially writers with children. To these people, I tip my proverbial hat and salute you.

Take it easy mates.

James Jackson