Wed 17 July 2013

Enhancing your Web Presence

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Why change a website when it's already working.

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Back in Nov 2012, I wrote a short blog called 'Websites. Why have one and who creates it?' It is now time to not only expand on this, but to follow through with what has been happening on the Terran Chronicles Website.


First of all, lets tackle the question of, 'why change a website?' Keeping things fresh is the first answer, but a key here is to do so without alienating the existing audience. People in general like to see new and exciting things, and yet find solace in familiarity. It's a tough balancing act to do this on a website, especially on a dynamic site. Secondly writers, musicians, and other artists, are constantly releasing new work. If we fail to display our newest and freshest efforts, how can we expect to expand our audience?

A major component of having a successful web presence, are key words. Selecting the right balance of keywords to content is crucial. It's hard not to overdo keywords. Many websites are so full of them, they are devoid of any real content.

Folks that give things away, even by proxy, advocate 'free' on their sites. I for one, flaunt free eBooks simply because folks that have purchased any of my novels also receive a 'secret-code' which provides access to an online short story. Is this morally correct? This is another area of debate. Is it free or not? Well it is, sort of. Our world is full of these 'free, sort of' situations. How many things are advertised as free after a credit card signup, which can be cancelled to prevent a charge? Is this free? You can be the judge.

Another question I wish to chat about is, 'who makes the website changes?' To me the answer is simple, a professional does. I spend my time writing, leaving web experts to work on what they do best, website design. The internet is a constantly evolving arena, one that is hard enough to keep up with at the best of times. Popping my head up every eight months or so is not going to keep me abreast of all the changes.

With a final self serving note I would ask that folks check out my 'new and improved' website. Jason of Jointplan and I welcome any and all feedback


Take it easy mates.

James Jackson