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Terran Chronicles Frequently Asked Questions

We're always adding to the frequently asked questions and will maintain this periodically.  If you have any questions, please ask your question(s) via Twitter (Tweet Us) or message us on Facebook.

What is Terran Chronicles about?

The Terran Chronicles Universe is a sci-fi adventure series which follows the crew of the starship Terran from humble beginnings to their ultimate destiny.

What happens to George?

I can share that George remains a prominant character in the novels, but for how long remains an exploration of his character and the timeline of the Terran Chronicles Universe.  For now, you'll have to read his continuing journey to find our more.

How do I purchase the Terran Chronicles ebooks?

Follow the links for science fiction book, sci-fi short story and character journals to purchase for popular ebook readers, tablets and smartphones.  Those without an eReader can purchase and download a copy from Smashwords where you can also read the first 20% of each ebook for free.

Will the website have spoilers?

This is an area of constant debate.  We want to produce a rich experience and engage with Sci-Fi fans around the world in this new Universe. We have our Twitter and Facebook accounts setup and active and welcome you to Follow Us. 

As the books are released the web site will grow with new material and information which we will aim to enhance rather than spoil the Terran Chronicles Universe. The last thing we want to do is spoil your reading experience but at the same time want to shout about the Terran Chronicles from the rooftops.

Did you create your own website?

For me the website design was one of the most important aspects of increasing the visibility of Terran Chronicles. Social media has helped enormously but I had to send people who were interested somewhere that had more information.

I chose to find a person who could deliver what I wanted.  As you can see, it's a hell of a website with an impressive WOW Factor and my book cover designs really stand out.