• What Lies Beyond Our Frontiers
    Where life begins so does the exploration and discovery of new worlds and civilizations What Lies Beyond Our Frontiers

Author Introduction to the Science Fiction eBook Novels - Terran Chronicles

Humanity has looked to the stars with bewilderment ever since the first steps from our caves possibly a hundred thousand years ago or more. Throughout the ages, many civilizations have watched in awe as comets, solar eclipses and other astrological events take place in the sky above, all magical in nature and inextricably connected to their Gods of the time.

In today's age we listen to the stars, search for extra-terrestrial intelligence and send probes far beyond our solar system boundaries to try and make sense of the Universe.

Science Fiction Scene Concept :: Trillions of Galaxies across the echelons of space.  Do Humans have a chance to get beyond the planets in manned spacecraft

As a science fiction writer looking to our Galaxy, the Milky Way contains many billions of stars (Suns).  Of these suns, there are planetary bodies in orbit around many of them. Beyond our Galaxy, hundreds of billions of other Galaxies exist in our Universe, all with many billions, if not trillions of stars.  Close to each and every star in existence has planetary type bodies orbiting them.

Detailed scientific knowledge stretches the understanding of our Universe far beyond the dawn of our ancestors, bringing new insight to Earth's past.  Regardless of believing in science theory, fact or just plain magical hocus-pocus, what holds true is humanity's inexorable desire to make sense of the world around us and where we are in the Cosmos.  As a science fiction writer, it amazes me.

When we consider the possibility of there being other life forms in our universe the statistical odds tell us we are more likely to co-exist with many life-forms (intelligent or other). But our technology isn't within the realms of being able to communicate, let alone reach such forms of life.

Here we are on the edge of one spiral arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, looking outward from Earth in the hope of finding life. Considering our location, we're merely in a quiet place in the suburbs of the Galaxy making all the noise we can to attract attention.  Is that something we actually want?

The science fiction series adventure you're about to embark upon is set in our near future, when all that noise actually gets noticed.

Earth's history is littered with examples of powerful civilizations meeting technologically inferior cultures and here we are about to be discovered!

Humanity's choice of a peaceful slavery over a dangerous freedom plays out to its inevitable end.