• What Lies Beyond Our Frontiers
    Where life begins so does the exploration and discovery of new worlds and civilizations What Lies Beyond Our Frontiers

Human Weaponry and Advanced Technology

Ground Vehicles

No Alien Ground Vehicles Acquired

Special Items

GUS - Gamin Umbilical Supercomputer

    Description:  Occupying a large section aboard the Terran, GUS consists of row upon row of individual towers. They are connected via high speed interface units.

  • Function:  Interface unit between the Gamin terminals and consoles aboard the Terran with our own laptops and smaller computerized systems.
  • Special Notes:  GUS is essentially a giant buffer for data that is received by the Gamin computer systems. The data streams in too fast from the Gamin systems for our own technology to cope. GUS breaks the data down, translates it then, sends the information to our own portable computer systems. (Specialized buffers are not as effective as GUS at protecting equipment from overloading.)