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    Where life begins so does the exploration and discovery of new worlds and civilizations What Lies Beyond Our Frontiers

Human Spacecraft Architecture & Specifications

Following the Gamin visitation, humanity has acquired its first spacecraft.

Starship Terran

    Description:  The Terran towers higher than the Empire State Building, and could easily straddle ten city blocks. The front of the ship is narrower, curving in from the top, bottom and sides. Overall the ship almost looks like an arrow, a blunt one at that. It has a pair of massive engines that are joined together at the rear that look like giant binoculars as they jut out from the back of the ships wide body. The spacecraft has a single large ramp that opened from beneath its main body that leads into a massive hanger bay.

    Weaponry:  Classified.

  • Function:  Exporation.
  • Size of Craft:  Approximately 1km (0.6 mile) wide, and 3km (1.8 miles) long, with a total of 25 internal decks.
  • Crew Compliment:  Classified
  • Special Notes:  The Gamin abandoned this partially built spacecraft in the Australian desert. A consortium of nations pool their resources and complete the ship, then in a naming ceremony christen it ‘Terran.’.