• What Lies Beyond Our Frontiers
    Where life begins so does the exploration and discovery of new worlds and civilizations What Lies Beyond Our Frontiers

Gamin Weaponry and Advanced Technology

Ground Vehicles

Ground Reclaimer

    Description:  These bulldozer like vehicles have dual blades that bend inward and upward, diverting material into a midsection. The most surprising feature is their tank like tracks which are used for maneuvering rather than gravity plating.

  • Function:  Collection and conversion of raw materials for later use.
  • Size of Craft:  around 3m / 10 feet wide and 10m / 33 feet long.
  • Crew Compliment:  1

Special Notes:  Designed to operate in a variety of atmospheres these vehicles can not only collect debris they are efficient strip miners. A variety of modules can be attached at the rear of these vehicles enabling the construction of walls or other objects.

Special Items

Orbital Satellite

    Description:  These small solar powered satellites are armed with a single polarized particle beam weapon. Each satellite takes around an hour to recharge the weapon thus they are usually amassed in large numbers, making a grid-like pattern around the planet they orbit. These satellites are designed to only protect the planet from attackers, but will prevent the planet from launching any object into a high orbit, thus trapping the indigenous population.

  • Function:  Communications and planetary protection.
  • Warning:  Planetary protection system is extensive.

Body Suit

    Description:  When unoccupied the suit’s legs, torso, and head areas are open, giving a ‘pealed’ appearance. When worn, the suit’s visor can either be up or down, at the wearers discretion. The suit though bulky looking, is actually quite easily maneuvered. Its arms end at square blocks where specialized tools can be ‘crafted’ by the wearer using the suit’s molecular assembly/disassembly technology.

  • Function:  Fully encasing body suit for all conditions usage.

Special Notes:  The wearer steps backward into the suit, placing their feet on the suit’s slightly raised foot plates. As soon as the occupant steps back into the suit in encloses around them, a helmet swings down and makes contact with the skull. The neural interface engages, allowing for direct control by the operator. These suits attune themselves to the wearer over time. Most humanoids are unable to cope with the interface, making them feel very dizzy and even ill at times. These suits come in a variety of sizes and styles, each befitting the race or situation required.