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Gamin Home World and Planetary Characteristics

Homeworld Relative to Earth

  • Size:   1.4
  • Gravity:  1.15
  • Hours per Day:  26.5
  • Days per Year:  295
  • Atmosphere:  A Nitrogen-Oxygen mix with a thicker air texture that has a bad taste and smell due to trace elements.
  • Average Climate:  Tropical
  • Topography:  Mountainous, deserts, and tropical forests.
  • Land to Water Ratio:  45% / 55%
  • Ice Coverage:  Negligible
  • Description:  The thick atmosphere visibly swirls about the planet. Enormous mountain ranges separate vast desert areas from huge swathes of tropical forests. The Gamin used to live on the surface, though moved underground thousands of years ago. Sometime since they have migrated into a space faring race.

Breathing Warning:  Humans need to breath this unpleasant gas faster or deeper to achieve the required oxygenation level to survive for any length of time.