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Gamin Characteristics and Racial Traits

Physical (Average)

  • Appearance:  Bipedal Humanoid.
  • Height:  205cm / 6' 7"
  • Weight:  80kg / 176 pounds
  • Lifespan:  Up to 4000 years.
  • Description:  The Gamin have motley green colored leathery skin. The faces have short crocodilian snouts filled with sharp teeth. Their yellow eyes each have a vertical iris with eye lids that close in from side to side. Horizontal slits exist where nostrils would be expected while tiny flaps of skin hang down each side of their heads. Their hands have three long claw like fingers, the outer two are multi-jointed and can each act as a thumb or a finger. This makes them rather dexterous, regardless of the fact that they only have three digits.


Special Notes:  The Gamin civilization has been at war with the Atlan civilization for thousands of years, and is losing. The empire is broken up into fleets, each of which is commanded by a Regent who loosely reports to a ruling council. They in turn report directly to the Emperor. The larger well known families have massive fleets, giving them greater influence on the council. Smaller fleets have little influence and are unlikely to ever receive an audience with the council. let only the Emperor.

The Young

  • Hatchlings:  Hatching is an exciting time for all. Even the fathers may be present at this time if possible. The newly hatched can stand and walk within minutes. They roam the hatchery competing for egg remnants, which they eat. The weakest often die at this time, either by starvation or at the hands of stronger hatchlings. After a few days the victors are removed, the area sanitized for the next batch of eggs. The females secrete a milk like substance that sustains the young for about three weeks. The young are then ready for solid foods. Gamin Race Hierarchy :: Science Fiction character hierarchy for the invasion of Earth By the age of three months the young begin their education. All training is conducted as deemed fit by the parents. Some young go to academies others are taught by tutor or their parents. At ten cycles(years) young Gamin are eligible for the trail to adulthood.


  • Trial of Adulthood:  Each youth is measured and tested for physical stature and mental acuity. Those that pass are eligible for citizenship. (or is equivalent) Some youth have to return a second or third year.
    • Failure:  Those that fail are ineligible for military service, academic trainers, or political office. Many commit suicide if they fail a third trail as the loss of honor to the family name is quite high. 

There are a high number of fatal accidents during the ninth cycle which is attributed to the fear of failure.

  • Trial of Leadership:  At twenty cycles any citizen may complete a three day trial as a test of leadership worthiness. Details of this trial are not known, however it would seem to be a life or death experience. Those that survive are eligible to challenge those ranked higher in society.
  • Leadership Challenge:  A challenge may be rejected under certain conditions but they are usually accepted. Once a challenge has been given and accepted combat can begin at any time, either delayed or initiated immediately. Often these battles are to the death however either party can submit at any time. The challenger if successful assumes the rank of the defeated.
    • Outcome:  In this case the defeated is reduced in rank and takes over the duties of the challenger. 

Loss of Position:  Many Gamin fight to the death rather than face the humiliation of the loss of honor.

Cultural Behavior