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Atlan Home World and Planetary Characteristics

Homeworld Relative to Earth

  • Size:   0.9
  • Gravity:  0.95
  • Hours per Day:  25
  • Days per Year:  315
  • Atmosphere:  Nitrogen-Oxygen with small quantities of other gasses.
  • Average Climate:  Temperate
  • Topography:  Plains and hills with few glaciers.
  • Land to Water Ratio:  35% / 65%
  • Ice Coverage:  1%
  • Description:  Atlan Prime is a picturesque place. Its wide plains and many hills roll up to a few mountain ranges, though none of grand note. The planets abundance of potable water has allowed the Atlans to spread over their planet’s entire livable area. The polar ice caps are small, with overall the weather conditions being rather mild. ‘Paradise’, would be the briefest of summaries.