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Atlan Characteristics and Racial Traits

Physical (Average)

  • Appearance:  Bipedal Humanoid.
  • Height:  165cm / 5’ 5”
  • Weight:  72.5kg / 160 pounds
  • Lifespan:  250 years.
  • Description:  Atlans look very similar to humans, with a slightly dark complexion. Hair colors range from fair to black, while red and blond coloring is extremely rare. Eye colors vary, though hazel is most predominant, with blue, then green being the next most common colors.


  • Population:  10+ Billion (An estimate based on Gamin data)
  • Government:  Empiric
  • Technology:  Static for now. Historically, advances have been in sudden leaps followed by long periods of little to no advancement.
  • Cultural Behavior :  Aggressive and territorial.

Special Notes:  Atlans have been waging war against the Gamin civilization for thousands of years, and they seem to be slowly winning. A major mystery of the Atlan culture is their clerics, and the prophecies they follow. These clerics have even directed the Emperor at times, and it is said that they are the true rulers of the Atlan Empire.

Cultural Behavior