Wed 14 March 2018

TeamTerran is busy

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Three new books in the making

terran chronicles universe blog This year promises to be a crazy year for us. As the new year rolled past, we set a few expectations, and made plans to turn these into reality. Writing is a fluid thing, and seems to have a mind of its own as creativity ebbs and flows.

We have organized this year's writing projects into a list.


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Wed 18 January 2017

Planning Ahead and Embracing Change

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 Terran Chronicles Universe Update - Looking ahead to 2017

terran chronicles universe blog I hope you all had a great Christmas, and have started 2017 safe and sound.

2016 has been a fantastic year for #TeamTerran. The year saw many of our plans fall into place, along with the commencement of new ideas; some rather long term ideas.

Here is the summary of the many projects that have been ongoing throughout 2016!

The 'Print Book' project was completed in 2015, thus giving us all of 2016 to review the success of those efforts. A complete year of statistics is important to us, and showcases the ups and downs of sales trends. The print books continue to do well locally, with a few selling here and there via Amazon. All in all, this has been an excellent experience, and one which has taught all of us at #TeamTerran many valuable lessons.

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