Character Journals - Unique Science Fiction Short Stories from the Terran Chronicles Universe

The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds the most discoveries, is not "Eureka!"
(I found it!) but 'That's funny...  - Isaac Asimov.

While there are five novels and five Sci-Fi short stories within each series of the Terran Chronicles saga, there are a varying number of Character Journals. The 'Initiation Series' has two journals, the first is called 'Gamin Technology', while the second is 'New Earth'.

Each journal is written from the perspective of one of the characters from within the novels.  To find out who wrote each journal, simply read the online previews.

These character journals are very niche market material, and in no way meant to be stand alone short stories. They work in conjunction with the entire saga of novels and short stories alike, adding even further depth to the overall Terran Chronicles Universe.

People should feel free to offer suggestions for upcoming journals on our Community Page.

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    This journal contains Joe’s notes of his discoveries and observations during the Terran’s maiden voyage of exploration to the stars. This journal is not a stand-alone story, but rather a supplementary guide for those that have an understanding of the Gamin and their involvement with Earth. While Joe’s journal answers many questions about these aliens and their technology, it also raises more.
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    Emma’s Legacy is not intended as a stand-alone story, but rather, is a supplement to the Terran Chronicles Universe and as such should be read after Book Three, ‘Colony’. This story takes place far in the future, long after the final voyage of the Terran is but a distant memory.
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