Other stories by the author of the Terran Chronicles Universe, James Jackson

At the present rate of progress, it is almost impossible to imagine any technical feat that cannot be achieved - if it can be achieved at all - within the next few hundred years. - Arthur C. Clarke.

The Terran Chronicles Universe is expansive, ultimately covering thousands of years.  There are many untold stories during this time, some of which are included here.  Each of the stories are independent to the Terran Chronicles Series and reveals events that would otherwise be left in obsurity.

These spin-off stories evolved during the development of the main series but did not progress storylines within the novels.  Since First Contact's release, time and effort has been put into reviewing and reworking various additional elements into fully fledged stand-alone novels.

The culmination of this effort is available below for your enjoyment.

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    It is the year 7,578 of the Atlan Protectorate, and the time of Emperor Tyron. The Protectorate is an isolationist empire, one that encompasses thousands of worlds within the galactic core. Its borders are so heavily guarded that no spacecraft has ever broached its defenses, nor returned from whence they came. The vast majority of its trillions of people go about their daily routines, blissfully unaware of the politics involved in maintaining their extensive empire.
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    Suppose you wake up one day to find every part of your life was a lie. Maybe not a complete lie, but not as you thought. What would you do when faced with an ‘Augmented Reality’? Joe just has! We follow along as he learns the true condition of the world, the world outside his carefully protected reality. Join his plight as he finds new surprises and new possibilities in this post-apocalyptic world. With a much smaller population and an uncertain future will he find a new home and purpose? Come along as the search for salvation goes awry…
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