Tue 12 February 2013

Branding, the next step

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Promoting the eBook series rather than the author.

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This modern era is both a boon and a curse for writers. We ‘indie authors’ write, edit, publish, and market our own efforts. For better or worse, millions of eBooks are now available to the public. So how do we capture the interest of the discerning readers out there? Indie authors, by definition, do not have access to a pool of professional editors, nor the resources of a major publishing house, thus the question of quality will always hang in the air. Ultimately, the decision of when the work is good

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Fri 04 January 2013

The Craft of Writing

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Writing is a Craft worth exploring - Why not give it a go?

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Writing is not as easy as it first appears, books are filled with pages, themselves filled with words. Each of these words can involve a painstaking process of deliberation. Not everyone that plans to write a book or a series of books succeeds. The hidden difficulties are often enough to stop a potential author from completing their task.

The enormous investment of time is something that I am learning to appreciate. To date the Terran Chronicles Universe has taken many thousands of hours, years in

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Tue 04 December 2012

The Next Big Thing

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The Next Big Thing -  The top 10 questions for an Author.

terran chronicles universe blogThank you Scott Robinson for passing on the 'Next Big Thing Blog Hop' to me

Who knows what 'The Next Big Thing' will be? I feel that most writers believe their work could be it!. I know I do, and I do not say that with arrogance but rather with confidence. At the end of the day though, only you, the reader will decide what that will be. Part of this programme is to answer a few questions, to help provide a greater insight into an authors mind. Well what follows is but a glimpse into mine. Please

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Wed 28 November 2012

Websites. Why have one and who creates it?

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It takes more than you think and that's before you start thinking about a website

terran chronicles universe blogAs for why have a website at all? Well to me, it's important for readers to have somewhere to go where they can glean more information. The website allows me to add elements to the series that are extraneous to any one story. It becomes a collation of data where people can quickly glance at various races and spacecraft that are mentioned throughout the series.

Who creates your website? As a writer who still works full time, I ran into a number of issues when it came down to

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Wed 24 October 2012

What's this Social Media thing about anyway?

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Using social media to expand your contact with like minded people and those interested in your work.

terran chronicles universe blog

Social media is a very important tool when it comes to promoting your work and the work of others. This not only applies to writers, and artists, but to anyone that is trying to let the world know they exist. This month I am going to touch base on the three most common social media outlets of Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Though there are many more outlets, such as the Amazon author page, for now I will just focus on these three which offer a world of

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Fri 07 September 2012

Why Write a Free Ebook?

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Considering writing an eBook and giving it away?  Make sure you have a plan.

terran chronicles universe blogThere are many reader audiences; science fiction, drama, horror, fantasy, romance novels, and the latest fad, which has even been described as, ‘mommy porn’. We as writers, find our own niche and do what we do best, write.

The idea of spending many hours laboring over a story, then giving it away, can be a tough one to get around. I suggest thinking long and hard over doing this. Make sure there is an underlying marketing plan involved before giving away an eBook, no matter how small.

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Sun 05 August 2012

Why revise an eBook that's released?

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Write or Re-write? That is the question?

terran chronicles universe blogThere are a number of thoughts on this matter. One concept, is that the book should be left alone, as it reflects the skill level at the time of release. Another is that any and all errors should be corrected. Somewhere in between exists reality.

For the Terran Chronicles saga we have expanded the team to include a finishing editor. Thus we have a storyline editor, a group of test readers and now this finishing editor. After I finish writing there are eight people that review my work. For my first book, 'First Contact', we only had a team of about five, and the process I chose to follow caused us to miss opportunities to capture errors. The more people that get involved the slower the process moves. At the same time the individual perspectives come forth, as each person offers their own opinion.

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Tue 03 July 2012

Marketing a Self-Published eBook

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OK, so you have written a great book, it's available on all the popular platforms... Now what?

terran chronicles universe blogWell for starters the work is now just beginning. Did you aim at a cheap $0.99 option to get mass sales, or a high price to maximize profits from each sale? I went for the middle of the road at $3.99, let me explain my reasoning. Firstly, after all expenses this provides about $1.00 in the authors pocket. No! You say. Well, most companies will take thirty percent off the top (or more), then there are taxes to consider. What about hidden costs such as; printing test

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Wed 06 June 2012

e-Book Reviews and Ratings - Taking the hard knocks?

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We all love those glowing reviews and five star ratings, especially when delivered from strangers. Our efforts are vindicated and we celebrate.

terran chronicles universe blogThe four star reviews we take with equal enthusiasm, four is close to five, right?. We are still happy and elated. Now we get to the two and three star review area where comments are made knocking some aspect of our story we have worked so hard on. Well the fact is we all think a little differently and reading is all about interpretation and impression.

For example I could write, "Joe was feeling fine on this cool

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Sat 05 May 2012

James Jackson - Why I write Self-Published eBooks

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When deciding what was to be the first article for this blog it seemed best to start at the beginning.

terran chronicles universe blogMany people have hopes, dreams, and ambitions. One of mine was to write a tale rivaling that of the epics. This idea remained a fanciful dream for a long time. I got the writing bug when I was very young. At twelve years of age I sent a story to a magazine about my Siamese cat. I won one of fifty Garfield magazines for my efforts. Like many young people I kept jumping from idea to idea without settling back down. At fifteen I discovered Dungeons and Dragons, this opened up new ways to release my creative energies. This was followed by another role playing game, Star Trek. Once again I found myself spending weeks creating adventures and worlds to explore.

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