Tue 03 July 2012

Marketing a Self-Published eBook

Posted by. James Jackson This article was posted in eBook Marketing

OK, so you have written a great book, it's available on all the popular platforms... Now what?

terran chronicles universe blogWell for starters the work is now just beginning. Did you aim at a cheap $0.99 option to get mass sales, or a high price to maximize profits from each sale? I went for the middle of the road at $3.99, let me explain my reasoning. Firstly, after all expenses this provides about $1.00 in the authors pocket. No! You say. Well, most companies will take thirty percent off the top (or more), then there are taxes to consider. What about hidden costs such as; printing test copies; a website; and paying for an editor. Ohh, you self edited and created your own website. I used to created websites, but decided that for a truly professional site I should get an expert to do it. Besides this gives me more time to write, that is what we are doing, right! Lets tackle self editing. All I can say is oh my! Check out the top ten sellers on any eBook library and see if they are self edited. I rest my case. Get an editor! This does not have to be some highly paid professional, but it does have to be someone with an eye for detail and a ton of patience.

To market yourself requires a new found tenacity. Facebook, Twitter, and various forums are your friends. None of these guarantee sales, but each has its merits. I tried to market my series, and struggled. So instead I started marketing myself, and found that people like to interact with people. Put yourself out there, your name, your face, and let people get to know you. Approach local newspapers to see if they are interested in running an article. Some are and some are not, just keep at it. Remember, market yourself or a series, not one book. If people learn your name or series they will find all of your books.

I have magnets on the doors of our truck advertising the series and my website. Spread a few fridge magnets around, perhaps gets some pens. A friend had a t-shirt made with the name of my series on it. Last but not least I strongly suggest business cards. For a book! I hear you say? YES, for a book. Mine again sell the series along with the website. Here is where business cards rule. You are walking down the street and you meet an old work colleague asks what you have been up to. Instead of hoping they go home and remember, they will go home and have a reminder in their pocket. Whether this generates a sale or not is beside the point. This is another way of getting your name out as an author. That business card labels you as one. That old work colleague will now refer to you in all seriousness as a writer, 'he/she has a website and business cards.'

Remember in order for your book to become a best seller people have to learn about it, they have to find about you, lots of people. If you're someone dreaming of publishing or getting movies deals, well you will need contacts. Every marketing avenue provides a few sales sure, but more importantly it provides exposure. However a sure fire way to get discovered is to keep writing. Get that second book out there, then the third, and keep writing. The number of books needed before mass discovery varies from person to person. For some it's book two or three, for others it's book ten or more. Do not get discouraged, just keep writing.

Do you know how to become a failed writer? Quit writing! Don't be that person, keep at it.

Take it easy mates.

James Jackson