Sat 05 May 2012

James Jackson - Why I write Self-Published eBooks

Posted by. James Jackson This article was posted in Self Publishing
When deciding what was to be the first article for this blog it seemed best to start at the beginning.

terran chronicles universe blogMany people have hopes, dreams, and ambitions. One of mine was to write a tale rivaling that of the epics. This idea remained a fanciful dream for a long time. I got the writing bug when I was very young. At twelve years of age I sent a story to a magazine about my Siamese cat. I won one of fifty Garfield magazines for my efforts. Like many young people I kept jumping from idea to idea without settling back down. At fifteen I discovered Dungeons and Dragons, this opened up new ways to release my creative energies. This was followed by another role playing game, Star Trek. Once again I found myself spending weeks creating adventures and worlds to explore.

Throughout this time I kept dreaming about my own science fiction universe. As the years rolled by the idea of writing my own saga remained purely a dream. In 2010 I decided it was time to actually do something, rather than just stay a dreamer. The process since then has been quite exhaustive, but rewarding as well. Many months were spent working on the series as a whole, its main theme, plot points, and the many nuances that make up this encompassing tale. After about six months I felt that I was ready to start writing the first book of the series. Over two thousand hours went into writing 'First Contact'. Then came test readers, followed by the editing process. The hardest part was watching the enormous effort being received. How would it go? I felt like a gladiator in an arena, on the ground the victor above, all my efforts awaiting a single thumbs up or down. I looked to the crowd for support and saw a single thumbs up, then another and another. I rose from the ground having survived the day. Armed with this renewed confidence I continued on with the second book, 'Discovery'.

Writing is invigorating, it allows me to unleash this creative energy. I get a great sense of fulfillment knowing that others are enjoying the story, many keenly awaiting the next book in the series. Thus here I sit tapping away, unleashing yet more words upon an unsuspecting world.

To anyone with a dream of being a writer, don't sit back and wish you could, sit down and do!. Failure is not having others dislike your efforts, failure is never getting your words written in the first place. Every writer has an audience, write then find yours. 'A failed writer is one that stops writing.' not sure who said this, but it is so darn true. On this note I shall depart, my own worlds still need creating, I hope to see yours.

Take it easy mates.

James Jackson