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Science Fiction eBooks:  Welcome to the Terran Chronicles Universe.

...IT IS A POPCORN BOOK. Just like many action movies. Fun to read or fun to watch. Like the first one [First Contact] my diligent side ignores my own version of the flaws and I sit back and read and enjoy. It is a fun book. No heavy lifting. I hope Jackson keeps it going but just don't milk it like Turtledove. And buy the short stories. Nice spin off material. One of the better self published series I've read. - OJ

The Terran Chronicles Universe (TCU) is a sci-fi adventure series that spans the stars. The adventure begins on Earth when an alien race makes First Contact with us. Their visitation is brief, yet it changes Earth's political and scientific landscape forever. The Discovery of a partially built spacecraft is a boon to some, to others its technologies are something jealously sought after.

As we broaden our horizons into space, we find struggles ensuing just as on Earth, but with differences we can’t even begin to comprehend.

Today's impossibilities are merely tomorrows footnotes in journals of scientific discovery. Imagine exploring the boundaries of the Milky Way with all its wonders. Our galaxy is but one speck in the cosmic mass of the universe.

The Terran Chronicle Universe is expansive, with the story unfolding one step at a time. Humanity's role is but one small part of the story. Our ultimate destiny is unrevealed at this time, indeed our very survival is not guaranteed.

What began as a brief visit by an alien race has set in motion a chain of events that not only change us forever, but affect other races in ways we could not even begin to comprehend.

    In the spirit of Apollo 11, I offer these words. Today we're mere observers of the Universe, tomorrow we shall plant our flag in it.

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Initiation Series

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Is James Jackson's Terran Chronicles a Space Opera or a Space Adventure?

Space Opera... the words invoke different images to different people. For some the theme invokes thoughts of a space based romance while for others a Dystopian theme comes to mind.

To me though, I am driven to stories such as the well known 'Foundation Series' by Isaac Asimov, or to some of Robert Heinlein's work. Please don't confuse Heinlein's book 'Starship Troopers' with the movie of the same name, there are numerous differences.

As people read the Universe that I have created here, they will judge for themselves as to whether or not these works fall into the Space Opera category, a Space Adventure Series, or something else all together. I am content with the stories being viewed any way the readers wish, as long as they are enjoyed.

ISS International Space Station, an Inspiration to the Creative Process.

The International Space Station is proof that there is hope for humanities future. The multinational effort required to build and maintain the remarkable space station is extraordinary.

I believe the ISS is our first step in reaching for the stars. I have high hopes the future will see a Lunar base, followed by a colony on Mars.

The next step though, traveling to nearby stars, seems an insurmountable one at this time.   Many ideas that were deemed purely fictional fifty years ago, are often common place today.

Just take a look at the spread of computers and their impact on all our lives. Humanity must continue to work together, in peace, if we are to have any hope of exploring these distant specks in the sky.